DC96-00887A Termo osigurač DC47-00016A Отсекающий termo osigurač DC32-00007A Otpornik za kosu DC47-00018A Kit za popravak termostat Kompatibilan sa sušilicom Samsung od Sikawai

DC96-00887A Termo osigurač DC47-00016A Отсекающий termo osigurač DC32-00007A Otpornik za kosu DC47-00018A

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????【Package Includes】 : 1 x Thermal Fuse DC47-00016 A,1×DC96-00887a Dyer Thermal Fuse, 1×DC47-00018a Thermostat and 1×DC32-00007a Thermistor. ????【Replaces】 : ➤DC47-00016 A Thermal Fuse : 2068545,AP4201894,EAP4205213,PS4205213; ➤DC47-00018 A Thermostat : 35001092,1122485,AP4201898,PS2430930,EAP2430930,503497,T-O-D 60 T11; ➤DC96-00887 A Thermistor : WP35001193,35001193,1185515,AP6008689,PS11741829,EAP11741829; ➤DC32-00007 A Dyer Thermal Fuse : N3 S1-K41,N3 SI-K41,2068429,AP4201716,PS2461163,EAP2461163. ????【Compatible with Samsung Brands】 : DVE52 M7750 V/A3,DVG45 R6300 W/A3-00,DVG54 R7200 W/A3-00,DVG50 R5200 W/A3-00,DVG54 R7600 W/A3-00,DVG45 T3200 W/A3-00,DVE45 R6100 P/A3-00,DVE45 R6100 P/A3,DV40 J3000 EW/AC-01,DV40 J3000 EW/AC-02,DV56 H9000 EW/A2,DVE45 T3400 W/A3-00,DV210 AEW/XAC-0001,DV219 AEW/XAA-02,DV42 H5600 EP/AC-01,DV42 H5600 EP/AC-02,DV42 H5600 EP/AC-03,DV42 H5600 EP/A3-01,DV42 H5600 EP/A3-02,DV42 H5600 EP/A3-03,etc. ????【Perfect Fit,Easy Installation】 : ➤Made of durable and high-quality materials, it has been inspected many times before leaving the factory. ➤No need to spend hundreds of dollars, just replace some accessories to get the same accessories as the new dryer. ????【Satisfaction Guaranteed】 : Sikawai strive to maintain fairness and honesty with all customers,and will make your satisfaction our top priority,including providing a 30-day return and exchange policy.If you have any question during shopping,welcome to contact us,We will try our best to solve the problem.Customer satisfaction is our tireless pursuit.The samsung dryer heater element is made of durable and top-graded metal or stainless steel material and well-tested by the manufacturer, so that the kit can protect the dryer from overheating and burning out other systems-even exceed OEM parts.Before starting the repair, please disconnect your dryer from its power source and wear work gloves to protect your hands.When repairing, you had better take a picture before removing each piece in the removal process, especially the wires.Ensure that the wiring is according to the rated working voltage.Easy installation can be done by yourself with the help of available online videos.This was a relatively easy install.Just dont cut yourself on the sharp edges.This thermostat has a limit of 260°F and will turn the heating element back on when the temperature drops by 50°F.This thermostat has 2 terminals.The high limit thermostat shuts off the heating element when the dryer overheats.DC47-00018 A replacement for numbers PS2038383, AP4201898, AP4201899 and 35001092;.The fuse limiter shuts off the motor if the dryer overheats.DC96-00887 A replacement for numbers PS2038484 and AP4207819;.The thermistor attaches on the blower housing, and monitors and helps regulate the temperature inside the dryer.DC32-00007 A : replacement for numbers PS4204984 and AP4201716. The fuse limiter shuts off the motor if the dryer overheats.DC47-00016 A replacement for numbers AP4201894 and PS2038378;.

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